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Executive Summary
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... Passenger and freight vehicles using surface transportation modes account for about 88 percent of transportation carbon dioxide emissions and for a comparable share of energy consumption. Projections of the impact of policies already in place to improve fuel economy and introduce alternative fuels suggest that total transportation GHG emissions by 2030 would be about the same as currently.
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... Program 6-Year Total Annual Average Mitigationa Guidance and outreach 60.0 10 Fundamental research 130.0 21.7 Subtotal 190.0 31.7 Adaptation Research 60.0 10 Total 250.0 41.7 a The mitigation research cost estimate does not include the cost of collect ing travel data for research and improved modeling practice purposes (Appendix B) or the cost of a mileage charging demonstration program (Appendix A)
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... The passenger and freight travel data available for national-level estimates are useful, but they are too crude to guide the detailed analysis and planning required to inform decisions about the best strategies at the state and local levels. Much of the needed data could be used for statewide and metropolitan area planning, could improve compliance with other environmental policy goals, and would be essential if performance standards are included in surface transportation reauthorization.
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... Transportation's contributions to these problems must be addressed, but choosing the wrong policies could impose significant costs without ensuring the intended effects. The research programs identified in this report represent the topics that will be of greatest importance for informing the best choices in coming years.

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