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Appendix B Data Gaps
Pages 111-116

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From page 111...
... PASSENGERS Current information about passenger travel depends to a great extent on the episodic conduct of the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) , which is intended to be a nationally representative, cross-sectional survey of household vehicle ownership, trip-making behavior, and travel distances with considerable demographic and household information.
From page 112...
... The consensus study on travel data described in Chapter 3 would provide guidance on what data should be collected to meet the needs of federal, state, regional, and local policy makers. If legislation that requires reductions in vehicle miles of travel and implementation of strategies to change travel behavior is enacted, much more extensive data collection will be required.
From page 113...
... , building on the work of the Center for Clean Air Policy, estimates that the necessary data collection, model improvements, implementation of model improvements at metropolitan
From page 114...
... In particular, the data would be helpful for general state and regional transportation planning purposes and for establishing compliance with Clean Air Act mandates in regional and state transportation capital plans. Whereas climate change imperatives might provide the impetus for collecting such data, a portion of the extra cost of data collection should be attributed to these other applications.
From page 115...
... 2009b. Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation, House Committee on Science and Technology: The Role of Research in Addressing Climate Change in Transportation Infrastructure.

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