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Appendix C: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members
Pages 247-250

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From page 247...
... He teaches economics of sustainability, business environmental management, and global environmental issues. His research and writing work includes university–industry research relationships in agricultural biotechnology, risk management of transgenic crops, voluntary business environmental management, and green technology.
From page 248...
... His academic appointment includes teaching, extension–outreach, and research. The main thrust of his research has been to contribute to a growing international research agenda on the globalization of agri-food systems and various strategies for improving agricultural sustainability.
From page 249...
... Marra is a professor of agricultural economics at North Carolina State University and an extension specialist. A production economist, she has concentrated on economic issues surrounding integrated pest management and the characteristics of agricultural innovations that affect farmer choice.
From page 250...
... Her research also seeks to understand the responses of avian communities and reproduction to habitat variation and to management practices on restored grasslands, remnant prairies, and marginal agricultural habitats. Her other work includes synthesizing science on agricultural biotechnology, chairing a committee for a departmental graduate student program, organizing public symposia on environmental issues, and managing a 160-acre prairie preserve.

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