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Appendix F: Selected Bibliography
Pages 141-146

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From page 141...
... Biomass and Bioenergy 32:749-780. LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENTS Liska, Adam, Haishun Yang, Virgil Bremer, Terry Klopfenstein, Daniel Walters, Galen Erickson, and Kenneth Cassman.
From page 142...
... A report prepared for the United States Department of Energy and the United States Department of Agriculture. Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
From page 143...
... 2008. N2O Release from Agro-Biofuel Production Negates Global Warming Reduction by Replacing Fossil Fuels.
From page 144...
... Working Paper 07-WP 447. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.
From page 145...
... Center for Agricultural and Rural Development. Iowa State University.

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