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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 39-44

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... • Identify biofuel-related policy objectives and challenges facing state officials. • Provide examples of research that may be useful to state decision makers.
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... Brendan Jordan, Great Plains Institute Judy Ziewacz, Director, Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence John Yunker, Office of the Legislative Auditor, Minnesota 10:15 AM Discussion 10:30 AM Break A Transition to Advanced Biofuels: Where Are We? 10:45 AM John Miranowski, National Research Council Panel Member, Report: Alternatie Liquid Transportation Fuels John Regalbuto, National Science Foundation, Federal Inter-Agency Biomass R&D Board, Conersion Technologies Assessment Report 11:15 AM Questions and Discussion Sustainability and a Transition to Advanced Biofuels 11:30 AM John Sheehan, University of Minnesota, Institute on the Environment • The Economy -- economics of production, economic benefits, effects on other industries.
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... 12:00 PM Questions and Discussion 12:30 PM Lunch REGIONAL IMPACTS OF BIOFUEL PRODUCTION AND USE IN THE UPPER MIDWEST The Economics of Expanding Biofuel Production in the 1:30 PM Upper Midwest (Panel Discussion) Panel Moderator: Bruce Babcock, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University What hae we learned from experience with corn-based ethanol?
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... Environmental Protection Agency • Peter Nowak, University of Wisconsin Breakout Discussions: Lessons Learned and a Transition 4:30 PM Forward Each breakout group of participants will be asked to answer the set of questions below based on their expertise and information presented during the workshop's earlier sessions. • Identify a comprehensive set of potential impacts associated with a transition to advanced biofuels: • List potential environmental impacts (both positive and negative)
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... Geological Survey • Theresa Selfa, Kansas State University 11:45 AM Questions and Discussion 12:00 PM Lunch Tools to Inform Policy Choices (Panel Discussion) 1:00 PM Moderator: Jason Hill, University of Minnesota What tools are aailable to inform policy choices?
From page 44...
... ? Breakout Groups Report Back 4:45 PM Wrap Up: Summary of Workshop Discussions 5:15 PM Moderator: Gary Radloff, Wisconsin State Department of Agriculture 5:30 PM Adjourn

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