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Appendix L: Public Information-Gathering Workshop Agenda
Pages 469-472

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From page 469...
... Breslin, Ph.D., Monell Chemical Senses Center and Rutgers Uniersity Department of Nutritional Sciences 8:55 Technological Innovations for Reducing Sodium in Foods Cindy Beeren, Ph.D., Sensory and Consumer Science, Leatherhead Food International 9:10 Committee Discussion with Presenters 
From page 470...
... 9:40 Consumer Perspectives on Sodium Intake and Reduced Sodium Foods Susan Borra, R.D., Executie Vice President, Managing Director for Nutrition, Food, and Wellness, Edelman 9:50 Committee Discussion with Presenters 10:10 Break SESSION 3: Regulatory Options for Reducing Sodium Intake Moderator: Daid Vladeck, J.D., LLM, Committee Member 10:25 Overview of Regulatory Options Michael R Taylor, J.D., Research Professor of Health Policy, School of Public Health, George Washington Uniersity 10:40 Reactions and Discussion Panel Fred Degnan, J.D., Partner, King and Spalding Philip Derfler, J.D., Assistant Administrator of the Office of Policy and Program Deelopment, Food Safety and Inspection Serice, U.S.
From page 471...
... Lunch on Your Own SESSION 5: The United Kingdom Experience in Reducing Sodium Intake Moderator: Beth Yetley, Ph.D., Committee Member 1:00 Overview of Food Standards Agency Campaign to Reduce Salt Consumption Corinne Vaughan, Deputy Head of Nutrition Diision, Food Standards Agency 1:20 Lessons Learned from the Salt Campaign -- A Retailer's Perspective Vanessa Hattersley, Company Nutritionist, ASDA 1:30 Lessons Learned from the Salt Campaign -- A Food Processor's Perspective Ed Fern, Ph.D., Head of Corporate Nutrition, Nestlé 1:40 Committee Discussion with Presenters 2:00 Break SESSION 6: Perspectives of the Food Industry and Food Service Moderator: John Ruff, M.A., Committee Member 2:10 Perspectives from the Food Processing Industry -- Campbell Soup Chor San Khoo, Ph.D., Vice President of Global Nutrition and Health, Campbell Soup Company
From page 472...
... American Heart Association (Frank Sacks) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Darwin Labarthe)

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