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Appendix C: Presentations to the Committee
Pages 157-158

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From page 157...
... Outer Continental Shelf Dendy Sloan, Colorado School of Mines, Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee Report to National Research Council Hydrate Committee Review Robert Hunter and Scott Wilson, BP/Ryder Scott Co., Gas Hydrate Research, Stratigraphic Test, and Production Test Plans Alaska North Slope Carlos Santamarina, Georgia Institute of Technology, Hydrate Bearing Sediments: Physical Properties -- Production 1
From page 158...
... in Japan's National Methane Hydrate R&D Program Helen Farrell and James Howard, ConocoPhillips, Experimental Basis CO-CH Exchange for Production from Hydrate Reservoirs: Field-Test Plans Ian McDonald, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Remote Sensing Detection of Active Hydrocarbon Seeps: Implications for Methane in the Sea Tim Kneafsey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Hydrologic, Geomechanical, and Geophysical Measurements on Laboratory Formed Hydrate-Bearing Samples 1

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