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Executive Summary
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... The latest manifestation of public policy is expressed in the Helium Privatization Act of 1996 (1996 Act) , which directs that substantially all of the helium accumulated as a result of those earlier policies be sold off by 2015 at prices sufficient to repay the federal government for its outlays associated with the helium program.1 The present report assesses whether the interests of the United States have been well served by the 1996 Act and, in particular, whether selling off the helium reserve "has had any adverse effect on U.S.
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... These research programs should have some protection from the instabilities recently characterizing the helium market. Accordingly, the committee recommends that the researchers be allowed to participate in an existing program for government users of helium that would give them priority when there is a helium shortage; it also recommends that funding agencies help such researchers to acquire equipment that would reduce their net helium requirements.
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... How will the large amounts of federally owned helium that remain after the mandated sell-off deadline in 2015 be managed after that date? Moreover, from a wider perspective, should a strategic helium reserve be maintained?

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