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Appendix B: Biographies of Committee Members
Pages 118-123

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From page 118...
... . At the USGS he emphasized integrated scientific approaches to understanding complex natural systems and the use of these understandings in management decisions.
From page 119...
... is a former senior vice president of Homestake Mining Company. He has broad expertise in mineral economics and public policy, mineral processing and extractive metallurgical research, and mining and mineral project development and administration.
From page 120...
... She has held a variety of professional appointments, including as an economic and geologic analyst for the American Welding Society, the Homestake Mining Company, and the Natural Gas Corporation of California. In 1994, she received the Outstanding Research Achievement Award from the Naval Postgraduate School.
From page 121...
... He is the codiscoverer of acoustic heat engines and has won numerous awards for his work in resonant ultrasound spectroscopy. His expertise includes work on the Mossbauer effect, the design of liquid working fluid heat engines, and studies of superconductors and Kondo systems, insulators, and semimetals.
From page 122...
... Lucas Gold Medal, and the Thermal Recovery Distinguished Achievement Award in 1991 and was named an AIME Pioneer in Enhanced Oil Recovery in 1986 and in Hydraulic Fracturing in 2005. He was elected to the Russian Academy of Natural Sci ences, from which he received the Kapitza Gold Medal in 1995, and to the Mexican National Academy of Engineering as corresponding member.
From page 123...
... A portion of his work involves understanding the quantum-level physical and chemical mechanisms of the process. He has also used this process to study a wide array of phenomena, including the origin and evolution of the solar system; the source and transformation of greenhouse gases in the troposphere; the chemistry of the stratosphere and mesosphere, especially the ozone cycle; the chemistry of the ancient martian atmosphere; the origin and evolution of oxygen and ozone and life in Earth's Precambrian; the history of seawater over millions of years; and changes in the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere.

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