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Appendix D: The Economics of a Typical Recycling System
Pages 128-129

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From page 128...
... These expenses can be compared to the approximately $450,000 per year that it costs to simply buy and vent the same amount of liquid helium, using the average weighted cost to researchers of $9 per liter according to the survey conducted by committee member Moses Chan. This amounts to a saving of about $232,500 per 50 kL per year, giving a very favorable payback time of slightly over 6 years.
From page 129...
... a helium nonconservation charge would be assessed against the grant, reducing it by the difference between the actual requested amount and what the grant helium costs would have been had a helium conservation system been in place; (2) a plus-up to the grant if helium conservation was not in place but was planned for implementation in the first year of the grant such that the plusup would cover some large fraction of the implementation cost; or (3)

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