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Appendix G: Executive Summary of *The Impact of Selling the Federal Helium Reserve* (the 2000 Report)
Pages 136-140

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From page 136...
... The Federal Helium Reserve is the federally owned crude helium gas that currently resides in the Bush Dome reservoir. The Cliffside facility includes the storage facility on the Bush Dome reservoir and the associated buildings and pipeline.
From page 137...
... The price established by the Helium Privatization Act for sales from the Federal Helium Reserve is approximately 25 percent above the current commercial price for crude helium. For this reason and because all helium refiners on the BLM pipeline have long-term take-or-pay contracts with producers of crude helium, it is highly unlikely that the refining industry will buy and use gas from the Federal Helium Reserve rather than from private stockpiles or cheaper commercial suppliers.
From page 138...
... Specific study tasks that should be considered include the following: • Determine the optimal size of a federal stockpile of crude helium. • Develop models of gas extraction at the Bush Dome reservoir to predict the helium content of future extracted gas.
From page 139...
... • Incrementally improve the efficiency of technologies that currently depend on helium and develop alternative technologies that do not require helium

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