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Appendix B: Presentations and Committee Meetings
Pages 201-204

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... Department of Energy Truck Technology COMMITTEE MEETING, WASHINGTON, DC Kenneth Howden, U.S. Department of Energy FEBRUARY 4-5, 2009 Engine Manufacturers Association Hybrid Status Timothy Blubaugh, Engine Manufacturers Association Mike Roeth, Naistar Reducing Emissions in Heavy Vehicles Heavy-Duty Trucks Anthony Greszler, Volo Powertrain Terry Penney, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Freightliner Truck Tires and Rolling Resistance Daid Kayes, Daimler Trucks North America Calin Bradley, Michelin Tire North America Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy and Emissions Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Improvement Project of the Northeast States Coalition Business for a Clean Air Future and the International Council for Mike Roeth, Naistar Clean Transportation Coralie Cooper, The Clean Air Association of the Fuel Efficiency Study Northeast States (NESCAUM)
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... Enironmental Protection Agency Heavy-Duty Trucks Matthew Barth, UC Rierside COMMITTEE MEETING, DEARBORN, MI APRIL 6-7, 2009 Safety and Productivity Issues Long Combination Vehicles Fuel Consumption as a Metric John Woodrooffe, UMTRI John Johnson, Michigan Technological Uniersity The Potential of Intermodalism for Meeting Energy and International Council on Clean Transportation Research Environmental Goals Drew Kodjak, International Council on Clean James Winebrake, Rochester Institute of Technology Transportation Research Assessment of FE Technologies for Medium- and HeavyModeling and Simulation Issues Duty Vehicles Ron Graes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Joe Morris, NAS Vehicle Classification and Mapping ArvinMeritor's Advanced Safety Technologies for Commercial Vehicles John Woodrooffe, Uniersity of Michigan Transportation Institute Brad Hicks and Alan Korn, ArinMeritor Technology Matrix Vehicle Integration Team, NRC Dae Merrion, Detroit Diesel (retired) Ron Graes, Andrew Brown, Jr., Aymeric Rousseau, Garrick Hu, NRC Indirect Costs The Aluminum Advantage: Exploring Commercial Vehicle James Winebrake, Rochester Institute of Technology Applications Industrial Perspectives of the 21st Century Truck Randall Scheps, Alcoa Partnership Truck Aerodynamics Vinod Duggal, Cummins, Inc.
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... 0 APPENDIX B COMMITTEE MEETING, SAN ANTONIO, TX Fuel-Saving Opportunities with Intelligent Highway AUGUST 6-7, 2009 Systems Ryan Lamm, SwRI Intelligent Vehicle Applications Chelsea White, Georgia Tech NOx/BSFC Trade-offs in Modern Diesel Engines Tom Ryan, SwRI Framework for the Regulation of Greenhouse Gases from Commercial Vehicles SmartWay Testing John Wall, Cummins, Inc. Cheryl Bynum, EPA Wind Tunnel Studies of the Aerodynamics of Heavy COMMITTEE MEETING, WASHINGTON, DC Vehicles SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2009 Fritz Marinko and Mitch Camosy, Auto Research Center, LLC Modeling Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles SWRI Overview Stefan Larsson, ACEA Walt Downing, SwRI Reducing Heavy-Duty Long-Haul Combination Truck Fuel Medium-Duty HEDGE Consumption and CO2 Emissions Chris Chadwell, SwRI Tom Reinhart, SwRI

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