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Appendix D: Abbreviations and Acronyms
Pages 211-214

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From page 211...
... Department of Transportation BSFC brake-specific fuel consumption DPF diesel particulate filter Btu British thermal unit DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communications DTI Directed Technologies, Inc. C&S codes and standards DTT delivery technical team CAFE corporate average fuel economy DVVL discrete variable valve lift CAR Cooperative Automotive Research CARB California Air Resources Board E85 85 percent ethanol CCP coordinated cam phasers EC European Commission CCPPR capital cost per percent reduction EERE (Office of)
From page 212...
... Technologies (program) NEMS National Energy Modeling System HFCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle NFPA National Fire Protection Association HFET highway fuel economy test NGNP Next-Generation Nuclear Powerplant HFI Hydrogen Fuels Initiative NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety HHDDT Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck schedule Administration HHV hydraulic hybrid vehicle NiMH nickel metal hydride HIL hardware-in-the-loop NIST National Institute of Standards and HILS hardware-in-the-loop simulation Technology HLA hydraulic launch assist NOx nitrogen oxides HOT high-occupancy toll (lane)
From page 213...
... SiC silicon carbide PCCI premix charge compression ignition SIL software-in-the-loop PCE passenger car equivalent SMR steam methane reforming PDP product development process SNL Sandia National Laboratories PEIS programmatic environmental impact statement SRI Stanford Research Institute PEM proton exchange membrane STTR small business technology transfer PeMS (California) performance measurement system SUV sport utility vehicle PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicle SwRI Southwest Research Institute PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration TG number of transmission gears PM particulate matter TMC traffic management center PNGV Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles TP test procedure PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory TPMS tire pressure monitoring system PRD pressure relief device TRB Transportation Research Board PSAT Powertrain Systems Analysis Toolkit TREAD Transportation Recall Enhancement, PSR power split ratio Accountability, and Documentation PTO power takeoff TSS thermal storage system PV photovoltaic UC ultracapacitor RCP rapid control prototyping UDDS Urban Dynamic Driving Schedule RDR rear drive ratio USABC U.S.

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