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Appendix G: Vehicle Simulation
Pages 221-226

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From page 221...
... It may be necessary to Speed Closed throttle Torque require that proprietary codes be available to the regulatory body either as soon as they are used for regulatory compli- Transmission Speed Torque Efficiency ance or after some waiting period. Final drive Speed Torque Efficiency A review of currently available software reveals that, Electric machine Speed Torque Efficiency while the tools all provide a set of existing models, each Speed Continuous torque has existing limitations.
From page 222...
... To answer the right questions, users need With the consistently increasing number of possible to have the right modeling tools. For instance, one common power train configurations for medium- and heavy-duty apmistake is to study engine emissions by using a steady-state plications and the need to select the different level of modmodel or to study component transient behavior by using a eling to properly meet different needs (i.e., fuel efficiency, backward model.
From page 223...
... • Check model compatibilities to avoid crash or errone • Allow users to quickly add their own configurations. ous results • Allow users to implement any test data from sub- • Select simulation type, including component evalua systems, systems, or entire vehicles in the same tion, vehicle fuel efficiency, or drive quality environment as the models to facilitate the validation process.
From page 224...
... For cluding for producer and consumer teams spread across the regulatory purposes, consistency between all approaches country or even the world for some global companies -- for is critical for a fair comparison. As a result, while legacy example, a control design team can have members in the code shall be used, a single platform is necessary to ensure United States and England, or a model calibration and valida- proper integration of the different systems.
From page 225...
...  APPENDIX G FIGURE G-2 Different nomenclatures within each company currently make model exchange very difficult. Figure G-2 Different nomenclatures within each company curre.eps bitmap

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