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Envisioning the 2020 Census (2010) / Chapter Skim
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4 Considerations for the 2010 Census
Pages 259-264

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From page 259...
... By management information system is meant the various software systems that manage and monitor, somewhat interactively, the mailout-mailback process, nonresponse follow-up, field enumerator hiring and firing and compensation, questionnaire data capture, and other major census processes. We don't know the full extent to which these systems need to interoperate, but at least some modest degree of interaction is required, for example between the Master Address File (MAF)
From page 260...
... and whether the needed interoperability of the components of the management information system could be hampered either by the adapting of software or the acquisition of newer software releases for the various components of the system between the dress rehearsal and the 2010 census. With respect to the security of the transmissions of the handheld computing devices, the motivation to do harm to the census counts may be relatively modest given the lack of a financial incentive, and this may result in less chance for a security breach.
From page 261...
... Recommendation 9: The Census Bureau should use dual recording systems, quantitative validation metrics, dedicated processing systems, periodic system checkpoints, strict control over handheld devices, and related techniques to ensure and then verify the accuracy of the data collected from handheld comput ing devices. Recommendation 10: The Census Bureau should provide for a check to ensure that the subsystems of the management infor mation system used in 2010 have no interoperability problems.
From page 262...
... 1 are for it to function primarily as a means for assisting the public in making correct responses to the census form, in particular for complicated situations involving residence rules or responses to the race and ethnicity questions. In addition, this is a method for people to obtain assistance in filling out the census questionnaire when English is not their primary language.
From page 263...
... The Census Bureau should also consider carry ing out an experiment whereby a sample of callers to Telephone Questionnaire Assistance are asked whether they would mind providing their full information to better estimate the additional resources required as a result of expanding Telephone Question naire Assistance in this way. In conclusion, the panel is enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with the Census Bureau on its plans for selecting and designing productive experiments and evaluations in conjunction with the 2010 census and, more broadly, a more productive research program overall.

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