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1 Introduction
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... A delay in translation or inappropriate care can shorten the life span of patients with life-threatening diseases. Regrettably, much of the information that could improve care is not currently collected or distributed at the point of care, despite recent advances in information technology that make this possible.
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... There also is a long-standing successful model of a learning system in pediatric oncology, consistently trying to learn as much as possible from every patient, with standardized protocol-based treatments and systematic collection of clinical data and outcomes, resulting in a "virtuous cycle" of incorporation of what is learned into new treatment protocols that successively improve survival rates. Although it is widely acknowledged that randomized clinical trials are the gold standard for development of clinical guidelines and that clinical and translational cancer research is essential to expanding the knowledge base in oncology, it is also recognized that dependence on expensive, timeconsuming trials as the sole source of evidence is unfeasible.
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... . 2While recognizing that there may be useful lessons from other countries' experience with rapid learning health care systems, the planning committee chose to focus the limited time available for the workshop on issues pertaining to the health care system in the United States.

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