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4 A Private RLHS - Kaiser Permanente
Pages 37-40

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... With its heavy investment in health services research and health information technology, and its commitment to rapid translation and quality improvement, KP strives to be a RLHS, reported Dr. Wallace, medical director of the organization's Health and Productivity Management Programs.
From page 38...
... KP has just begun testing its new system for oncology care and found that between 63 and 84 percent of its standard treatment protocols were used without modification. "This means physicians can focus their time on customizing care so care is patient driven, not clinician driven," Dr.
From page 39...
... KP also captures patient ethnicity and race to examine health disparities and determine patient subsets that it is failing to reach with its efforts to improve care. For example, it found that Hispanics in general, especially Hispanic men, are less likely to undergo colon cancer screening than other population subgroups, so KP is trying to target its colon cancer screening messages more appropriately to those men.

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