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2 What is the United States' Interest?
Pages 11-12

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... Hughes observed that the United States has Norman Neuriter, former State Department long enjoyed a pool of domestic technical talent science adviser, co-chair of the Indo-US Science and an inflow of foreign talent. The emergence and Technology Forum, and scholar with the of a global skilled labor pool able to cooperate American Association for the Advancement of and compete at a distance as well as migrate Science, moderated a conference session from one location to another have benefited the devoted to these questions.
From page 12...
... Now, the Research at the National Cheng Kung University increase in international commercial activity and at Tainan, Taiwan, outlined a future scenario the growing middle class in both countries will based not on triadic competition among China, drive demand for better health care, India, and the United States but rather environmental quality, and quality of life. envisioning a political and economic A European Union was scarcely imaginable convergence of China and India.

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