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3 Human Capital Development
Pages 13-16

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... And China faces an acute shortage of Higher education institutions in India suffer managers who are able to work effectively in from mediocrity and heavy politicization, multinational corporations. How China and restrictive centralized control, and endless India deal with such issues will have great litigation over policies.
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... Eighty percent of the Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur affiliated firm's R&D activity is still based in the United with Harvard School of Law and Duke States. IBM supports open standards University, has studied the supply of researchers development and networked business models to and graduation rates in the United States facilitate global collaboration.
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... • Uneven development: "We are creating KEYNOTE billionaires, but we don't have power 24 hours a day." At the beginning of his remarks, • Demography: India's 500 million Satyanarayan "Sam" Pitroda of the Indian citizens under the age of 25 represent National Knowledge Commission and WorldTel, "the workforce of the world." Ltd., observed that his personal history reflects The Indian government is responding to the the power of innovation and international question of how to create jobs by pledging at a networks. Raised in a tribal area in Orissa and recent Planning Commission meeting to the first member of his family to get more than quadruple the public investment in education four years of schooling, Pitroda graduated from over the next five years relative to the previous college, pursued higher education in the United five years.
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... It needs to be policy support a single open international communicated that globalization also means platform for intellectual property protection. open platform development and collaboration The system would determine within a year among agile teams bringing widely shared whether the applicant has an invention or not.

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