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4 Capital Markets and Investment
Pages 17-20

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... David Morgenthaler SOURCE: Adapted from Global Venture led a discussion of this topic by a panel that Capital Insights Report (2007) Ernst & Young included Martin Kenney of the faculty of the University of California at Davis, Oded Shenkar A look at regional VC investments (Table 1)
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... Respondent groups are Europe, United States, and Asia Pacific (APAC)
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... The strategy of DEBT MARKETS acquiring innovation, illustrated by the Lenovo Sandra Lawson of Goldman Sachs echoed acquisition of the personal computer division of Kenney's points on the long-term picture, but IBM, has clear benefits for the mid-term. The observed that while China outpaces India in strategy of attracting Chinese graduates back foreign direct investment (FDI)
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... price risk, and they face unwelcome tax and Asked about the significance of the money accounting rules. Thus, debt markets represent a flows associated with China's real estate boom, chicken-and-egg situation.

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