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7 Multinationals' Experience
Pages 31-32

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... Is foreign investment in China and India courses and using computers with 1.6 producing results or is it still a bet on the future? million K-12 teachers; Many variables can affect the answers to those • building active relationships with more questions, but ultimately the perceived self- than 100 research universities; and interests of global firms will play a major role in • producing textbooks such as Multi-Core determining the success of China's and India's Programming to help build a capability efforts to develop their economies' innovation capacity for leading-edge processes.
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... MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS Chen noted that last year China adopted a new scheme, called "Innovation-oriented Country by Jin Chen of Zhejiang University described 2020," which includes 60 measures for how MNCs create links between China and promoting R&D, including facility set-up, tax international capital networks. At the end of incentives and infrastructural investments.

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