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From page 271...
... Study Committee A 15-member study committee was convened to assess these data. Membership of the committee included individuals with expertise in clinical medicine, economics, healthcare services research, health policy, health professions education, minority health, psychology, anthropology and related fields.
From page 273...
... The topics and nature of the workshops were determined by the study committee. They were intended to allow the committee to gain additional perspectives on potential sources of bias in clinical settings; institutional or system-based obstacles that may differentially affect service provision to racial and ethnic minority patients; other potential sources of healthcare disparities; and explore potential interventions to eliminate disparities in health service delivery.
From page 278...
... Two groups were conducted with African Americans: one in Los Angeles, CA, and the other in Rockville, MD. The third group was conducted in Los Angeles with Hispanics who were fluent in English, and the fourth was conducted in Washington, DC, with Hispanics who identified themselves as primary Spanish-speaking with little or no English fluency.
From page 284...
... Study staff were present at Washington, DC area and phone-based focus groups. To supplement qualitative information on the experiences and perceptions of racial and ethnic minority patients, advocates, and their healthcare providers, roundtable discussions were held at two national conferences (the Asian American and Pacific Islander Health Forum [AAPIHF]

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