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Appendix B Committee Members' Biographical Information
Pages 176-182

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From page 176...
... Weller is the director of the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research and Chair of the Physical Oceanography Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. His research focuses on atmospheric forcing, surface waves on the upper ocean, prediction of upper ocean variability, and the ocean's role in climate.
From page 177...
... From 1999–2009, he was the Georgia Power Georgia Research Alliance Chair Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been active in committees, panels, and working groups of the NRC, IGBP, WCRP, and IPCC, and is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering.
From page 178...
... Charney Award, the NASA medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, Dept of Commerce gold medals, and the Senior Executive Service Presidential Rank Award.
From page 179...
... , interaction of planetary- and synoptic-scale features, analysis of climate variability on both the intra-seasonal and interannual time scales, application of data mining to different radar platforms and statistical methodology. His work has involved analysis of four-dimensional climate models on supercomputers, using high-performance and massively parallel algorithms.
From page 180...
... His current research themes include tropical intraseasonal oscillation, monsoons, ENSO, climate predictability and prediction, tropical cyclones, climate change, wave and instability, large-scale air-sea interaction, intermediate modeling of tropical climate.
From page 181...
... in 1984 in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics from Florida State University.

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