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Attachment 1 Biographies of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 33-36

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From page 33...
... Steinbruner is currently co-chair of the Committee on International Security Studies of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, chairman of the board of the Arms Control Association, and board member of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
From page 34...
... Stephen Dycus, a professor at Vermont Law School, teaches and writes about national security and the law, water rights, and wills and trusts. The courses he has taught at Vermont Law School include International Public Law, National Security Law, Estates, Property, and Water Law.
From page 35...
... He was previously executive director of the Aspen Strategy Group and president of the Group Health Association. He is the author of numerous articles on public policy, arms control, and defense policy, and of The Price of Dominance: The New Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their Challenge to American Leadership.
From page 36...
... STAFF Herbert S Lin , study director , is chief scientist for the National Research Council's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, where he has been a study director for major projects on public policy and information technology.

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