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4 Panel on Early-Career Engineers
Pages 19-22

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From page 19...
... How do you see them in relationship to the goals of this meeting, to enhance engineering research and practice and improve engineering education through attention to issues of engineering, social justice, and sustainable community development?
From page 20...
... Working with 80 students from Cornell, Columbia, and the University of Illinois, Urbana, she helped develop a plan for the lower Ninth Ward that was supported by the New Orleans City Council. Afterward, when she began looking for an academic post, she found that her priorities did not match those of traditional engineering departments, which considered sustainability and humanitarian work as com plementary, rather than essential, to their programs.
From page 21...
... in environmental engineering, she was able to use her technical engineering skills to promote sustainable watershed communities in Massachusetts. Her master's degree, also from MIT, focused on household water treatment and involved courses at the John F
From page 22...
... In Kenya, for example, local Daniele Lantagne, CDC companies prepare and bottle a very low-cost chlorine solution dis tributed by an international NGO marketed by radio, TV, and street theater. Midwives who use the solution recommend it to new mothers.

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