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5 Session III: Implications for Engineering Education
Pages 23-28

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From page 23...
... The presenters were NAE member Linda Abriola, dean, School of Engineering, Tufts University; Caroline Baillie, Department of Materials Engineering and Engineering Education, Queens University, Canada; and Kevin Passino, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ohio State University. Discussants were Richard Anderson, SOMAT Engineering, Inc., and David Daniel, NAE member and president, Uni versity of Texas, Dallas.
From page 24...
... "Curricular models range from mentored senior projects in sustainable design to a university-wide seminar in the Institute of Global Leadership." Cross-school programs highlighting specific topics (e.g., water; or systems, science, and society) encourage interdisciplinary collaborations in graduate engineering education.
From page 25...
... com. 5.3 EDUCATING VOLUNTEER ENGINEERS Kevin Passino, Ohio State University, took a position in his talk -- that educating volunteer engineers is a university responsibility and that fulfilling that responsibility requires several strategies: putting more emphasis on ethics and professionalism in the curriculum; encourag ing hands-on volunteerism via student organizations; and promoting 2"Phenomenography is the empirical study of the differing ways in which people experience, perceive, apprehend, understand, [and]
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... , a student-run organization at Ohio State that links students with sponsors of local and international service projects that promote professionalism.3 Finally, Dr. Passino argued for "Public service is a crucial part an infrastructure that goes beyond of being a professional." academia and involves professional organizations and government, as Kevin Passino, well as industry, where corporate Ohio State University citizenship programs could have a big impact.
From page 27...
... He left the group with this question: Is this an example of a conflict between professional ethics and social justice? Can engineering education begin to examine and analyze professional responsibility in light of such conflict?
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... Given the time constraints in undergraduate engineering education, this is an important issue. 5.5 GENERAL DISCUSSION Eric Pappas, school of engineering at James Madison University, noted that the communications and design program at his school is an example of a program that crosses disciplinary boundaries.

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