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8 Conclusions and Recommendations
Pages 121-124

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From page 121...
... in the United States, critical vital rates have not been adequately determined; (2) the most important pro­ cedural enhancements would be improved coordination in data collection and availability, a more efficient and transparent permitting process, and increased archiving of tissue samples; and (3)
From page 122...
... Some specific conclusions and recommendations that elaborate on the overarching conclusion and recommendation and represent the highest­priority needs are presented below. Conclusion: Sea­turtle population assessments in the United States are based too heavily on estimates of abundance of adult females on nesting beaches.
From page 123...
... Using reviewers with quantitative skills, such as skills in population assessment and statistical analysis, is particularly important. Conclusion: There are unnecessary obstacles to collection and analysis of critical data, including inadequate quantitative training of scientists and an inadequate process for issuing research permits.
From page 124...
... Participants should include representatives of the permitting agencies and research scientists. The review should weigh unintended consequences of permitting delays and lost research opportunities, should review the potential risks and benefits to the listed species of changing permitting requirements and procedures, and should assess the extent to which scru­ tiny of research permits has resulted in substantial take reductions.

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