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C Committee and Staff Biographies
Pages 159-162

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From page 159...
... Dr. Bjorndal was a member of the National Research Council Committee on Sea Turtle Conservation, which issued Decline of the Sea Turtles: Causes and Prevention in 1990.
From page 160...
... Dr. Crowder is a former member of the Ocean Studies Board and has served on several National Research Council committees.
From page 161...
... Since starting with the Ocean Studies Board in May 1999, Ms. Bostrom has worked on several studies pertaining to coastal restoration, fishery policy, marine mammals and noise, nutrient over­enrichment, ocean exploration, capacity building for oceans and coasts, land­based marine debris, and best practices for shellfish aquaculture.
From page 162...
... His interests include genetics; evolution; ecology, including the effects of fishing on fish populations; ecological risk assessment; natural­ resource management; and how science is used in informing policy. He has directed more than 30 projects at the National Research Council on natural resources and ecological risk assessment, including reports on the Endangered Species Act; on salmon in the Pacific Northwest, Maine, and Alaska; on wetlands delineation; on enhancing water supplies in the Middle East; on cumulative environmental effects of oil and gas activi ­ ties on Alaska's North Slope; on ecological indicators; on environmental effects of wind­energy projects; and on ecosystem­based approaches to the management of marine fisheries.

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