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Appendix A: Committee and Staff Biographies
Pages 161-166

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From page 161...
... in oceanography from the University of Washington in 1990. He has worked on a wide range of topics pertaining to the global carbon cycle and its relation to global climate, with special focus on ocean sedimentary processes such as CaCO3 dissolution and methane hydrate formation, and their impact on the evo lution of atmospheric CO2.
From page 162...
... in chemical oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in 1991. His research focuses on marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem dynamics, climate change, ocean acidification, and the global carbon cycle.
From page 163...
... in Tropical Marine Studies from James Cook University, Australia in 1991. Her research focuses on how coral reefs and other marine ecosystems are affected by environmental changes associated with global climate change, such as increases in sea surface temperature and ocean acidification.
From page 164...
... He is a former member of the Ocean Studies Board and has served on two previous NRC committees. Ulf Riebesell is the head of biological oceanography at the Leibniz Insti tute of Marine Sciences in Kiel, Germany.
From page 165...
... Prior to joining the Ocean Studies Board, Susan spent time working on aquatic invasive spe cies management with the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Manage ment and the Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel. She is currently Assistant Director for Research at Virginia Sea Grant.

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