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Addendum: Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Eighth Edition
Pages 155-158

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From page 155...
... Page 32. Original sentence: "Principal investigators conducting field research should be knowledgeable of relevant zoonotic diseases, associated safety issues, and, when working in an international environment, any local laws or regulations that apply." Compliance with laws and regulations applies to field investigations irrespective of location, so "when working in an international environment" and "local" were deleted.
From page 156...
... Page 45. Original sentence: "In climates where it is difficult to pro vide a sufficient level of environmental relative humidity, animals should be closely monitored for negative effects such as excessively flaky skin in birds and mammals, ecdysis (molting)
From page 157...
... Page 107. Original sentence: "The US Fish and Wildlife Service regulates importation/exportation and interstate trade of wild verte brate and invertebrate animals and their tissues." Because US Fish and Wildlife Services does not regulate interstate trade except for species listed under the Endangered Species Act, "and interstate trade" was deleted 12.

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