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Appendix A: Committee Biographies
Pages 159-162

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From page 159...
... Jones is also chairman and CEO of the International ecutive of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. He has also held Development Corporation, a private management consult positions at Mead Corporation, as an adjunct faculty member ing company that advises automotive supplier companies on of mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan, strategy and technology.
From page 160...
... In 2003 Energy R&D Programs, Phase 1, and is currently a member she received the Internal Combustion Engine Award of the of the NRC Committee on National Tire Efficiency. He American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME)
From page 161...
... His previous positions included committees related to engine technology, engine emissions, director, Power Plant Engineering Services Division, and and health effects -- for example, committees of the SAE, the senior analytical engineer, Failure Analysis Associates, NRC, the Combustion Institute, the Health Effects Institute, Inc.; design development engineer, Garrett Turbine Engine and the Environmental Protection Agency -- and consults to Company; and Exploration Geophysicist, Shell Oil Com a number of government and private sector institutions. In pany.
From page 162...
... and an M.S. (mechanical engineering)

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