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Appendix B: Statement of Task
Pages 163-164

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... In addition, tech- ment curves, as in Chapter 3 of the 2002 NRC report, nologies that were noted but not analyzed in depth in that is guided by the following question: "What is the that report, including direct injection engines, diesel estimated cost and potential fuel economy benefit of engines, and hybrid electric vehicles, shall be assessed technologies that could be applied to improve the fuel for efficacy, cost and applicability. Weight and power economy of future passenger vehicles, given the con reductions also shall be included, though consideration straints imposed by vehicle performance, functional of weight reductions should be limited to advances ity, safety and emission regulations?
From page 164...
... The final report will include the detailed 6. Assess how ongoing changes to manufacturers' refresh specifications for the methodologies used and the results of and redesign cycles for vehicle models affect the in- the modeling, and will make use of the input from the interim corporation of new fuel-economy technologies.

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