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Appendix C: List of Presentations at Public Committee Meetings
Pages 165-166

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... Duleep, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., Steve Albu, California Air Resources Board, ARB Approaches to Modeling Vehicle Fuel Economy Perspective on Vehicle Technology Costs for Reducing Kevin Green, The Volpe Center, CAFE Compliance and Greenhouse Gases Effects Modeling System Wynn Bussman, Consultant, Study of Industry-Average Marc Wiseman, Ricardo, Inc., Potential Approaches Mark-up Factors Used to Estimate Retail Price to Modeling Fuel Economy Technologies: Engine Equivalents (RPE) Simulation Modeling Capabilities and Cost Analysis K.G.
From page 166...
... 166 ASSESSMENT OF FUEL ECONOMY TECHNOLOGIES FOR LIGHT-DUTY VEHICLES WASHINGTON, D.C., FEBRUARY 25-26, 2008 WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2008 Julie Abraham, National Highway Traffic Safety Susan Yester, Chrysler, Opportunities for Reducing Vehicle Administration, Update from NHTSA on Regulatory Mass Joseph Kubish, Manufacturers of Emissions, Control Activities and Other Analysis Equipment Association, Aftertreatment Technologies and Strategies for Light Duty Vehicles with Emphasis WASHINGTON, D.C., MARCH 31-APRIL 1, 2008 on NOx and Particulates David Haugen and Matt Brustar, EPA Office of Frank Fronczak, University of Wisconsin, Hydraulic Transportation and Air �uality, Discussion of EPA's Hybrid Vehicle John Kargul, EPA Clean Automotive Technology Program, Modeling of Fuel Economy K.G. Duleep, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., EPA's Hydraulic Hybrid Program Assessment of Costs and Fuel Economy Benefits WASHINGTON, D.C., MARCH 16-18, 2009 WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 3-4, 2008 EPA Office of Transportation and Air �uality, Update from Michael Bull, Aluminum Association, Opportunities for EPA on Analysis of RPE and Separate Ongoing Work Reducing Vehicle Mass on Estimates of Analysis of Direct Manufacturing Bruce Moor, Delphi Electronics and Safety, Power Costs of Technologies Electronics Systems Solutions for HEV Architectures Huang-Yee Iu, Hymotion, Hymotion Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle

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