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Appendix G: Compression-Ignition Engine Replacement for Full-Size Pickup/SUV
Pages 177-180

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From page 177...
... To enable torque of 160 N-m/L, the displacement required for a CI V6 projections for the entire range of vehicle classes discussed to replace an SI V8 of the displacement range 5.3-6.2 L would in Chapter 9, it was necessary to create an additional engine be 4.4-5.2 L, which is really too large for the V6 configuraspecification to provide a CI replacement for the 5.3- to 6.2-L tion. However, from a cost point of view, the V6 configuration V8 SI engines which would be found in full-size body-on- would be preferable to a V8 if a V6 concept could be identiframe pickup trucks such as the F150, the Silverado, and fied that meets the requirements.
From page 178...
... . CDPF, catalyzed diesel particulate filter; CI, compression ignition; DOC, diesel oxidation catalyst; DOHC, dual over head cam; DPF, diesel particulate filter; DPF, diesel particulate filter; EGR, exhaust gas recirculation; MPFI, multipoint fuel injection; NVH, noise, vibration, harshness; OBD, on-board diagnostics; OHV, over head valve; PGM, platinum group metals; SCR, selective catalytic reduction; SI, spark ignition; ULEV II, ultra-low-emissions vehicle; VGT, variable geometry turbocharger.
From page 179...
... ($) DOC 1 Monolith and can 52 52 52 PGM loading 139 200 252 DOC 2 Monolith and can Not used 52 52 PGM loading Not used 70 87 EGR catalyst Monolith and can 7 Not used Not used PGM loading 13 Not used Not used Coated DPF Advanced cordierite brick and can 124 270 270 PGM loading 131 26 33 NSC system Catalyst brick and can 114 Not used Not used PGM loading 314 Not used Not used SCR-urea system SCR brick and can 39 274 274 Urea dosing system Passive SCR 363 363 Stoichiometric gasoline emissions and −245 −343 −343 evaporative system credit Emissions system total 688 964 1,040 NOTE: This table complements Table 5.5.
From page 180...
... Two-stage turbocharger system 375 545 Additional air flow control valves, piping, cost of 0a additional turbo, water-to-air intercooler with control valve, separate pump Dual-pressure oil pump 5 6 6 Switchable pressure relief valve for high or low oil pressure Nonrecirculating LP fuel pump 10 12 12 Variable output LP pump controlled by HP pump output Low-pressure EGR -- 95 95 Additional piping (~$20) and valves (e.g., integrated back pressure and LP EGR rate ~$75)

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