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1 Introduction
Pages 9-11

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... Finalized on April 1, 2010, the rule reciency has been a continuing and central objective for auto- quires that fleet-averaged fuel economy reach an equivalent mobile manufacturers and regulators pursuing objectives that of 35.4 mpg by model year 2016. range from reducing vehicle operating costs and improving The significant downturn in the United States and world performance to reducing dependence on petroleum and economies that occurred during the course of this study has limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
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... contains heavier fractions that The committee organized its final report according to go into diesel production and lighter fractions that go into broad topics related to the categories of technologies imporgasoline. A large consumer of diesel, Europe diverts the re- tant for reducing fuel consumption, the costs and issues assomaining gasoline fraction to the United States or elsewhere.
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... Chapter 9 provides an estimate of the costs and vehicle fuel consumption, tests for regulating fuel economy, the fuel consumption benefits of multiple technologies for an and basic energy balance concepts, and it discusses why this array of vehicle classes. The appendixes provide information report presents primarily fuel consumption data.

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