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Appendix A: Unavailable or Incomplete Information Requested by the Committee
Pages 257-262

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From page 257...
... Of critical importance is the fact that we were not allowed access to grant applications, peer-review documents, or the agency's electronic grant management system. As a result of our inability to access some types of data, we were restricted in our ability to analyze and assess the quality of NIJ's grant award process, funding decisions, and award monitoring.
From page 258...
... NIJ funding history by functional area Unavailable data for ORE funds by functional area Data system for identifying and tracking or major program, including publication as listed on their website; breakdown of discretionary evaluation grants no longer operational. and dissemination and OJP management and nondiscretionary funds by functional areas not and administrative support for years available; breakdown by such categories as research 1994-2008.
From page 259...
... vacancies, staff names by position, and noted vacancies. Educational level of staff, years of service, Aggregate information on staff degrees presented by Current educational levels and years current position held.
From page 260...
... Previously posted electronic staff listings Not provided. An OGC lawyer opined that once staff from NIJ website.
From page 261...
... 6. Dissemination Process Requests for research reports by Total quantities ordered for the 30 most requested practitioner organizations.

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