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Treasurer's Statement
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... A careful study of our portfolio adopted a prudent spending level, agreeing to a decreased by Chief Financial Officer, Julie Englund, shows it to be spending level in 2009 to 4% of the 12 quarter average as highly liquid, with 76% of the portfolio being available of June 30, 2009, of unrestricted funds and to avoid between 1-3 days; 83% is available within a month. spending whenever possible from underwater endowments (those with value below the original gift from Market values of the Pool, after withdrawals, for the years restricted funds)
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... , normally based on the the actual portfolio allocation at December 31, 2009, is as 5% spending rule. follows: For fiscal year 2009, the General Fund revenue totaled Overview of Current Investment Structure $7.7 million and expenditures totaled $5.8 million, Portfolio Allocation Guideline resulting in a $1.9 million surplus.
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... The Center Drive in Vienna, Virginia. Home Secretary oversees the nomination process that National Academy Press Printing Facility at 8700  selects award recipients and recommends to the Council Spectrum Drive in Landover, Maryland.
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... Deferred gifts, such as bequests, charitable gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts represent an In 2009, the NAS, including the IOM, received a total of increasingly important source of philanthropic support for $12.2 million in new gifts and pledges, a decrease of 8% NAS. Accordingly, the NAS Development Office is from the previous year.
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... The 6.0% increase in program revenues challenge. Historically, NRC management has represents the largest one-year percentage increase in successfully maintained a relatively constant relationship program revenues since 2002.
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... Overall Financial Condition Also, thanks go to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer for careful and steady oversight of the budgets, for Each year, the overall financial condition of the NAS can preparation of the financial statements, and its help with be reviewed by taking into account the increase or oversight of the endowment. decrease in the net assets of the organization.

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