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Appendix E: Committee Meetings and Presentations
Pages 201-204

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From page 201...
... Council for Automotie Research Opening Remarks Gerhard Schmidt, Ford Automotive Perspective on the FreedomCAR and Fuel Program John Sakioka, Ford Fuel Perspective on the FreedomCAR and Fuel Program brad Smith, Shell Utility Perspective on the FreedomCAR and Fuel Program Knut Simonsen, DTE Energy 0
From page 202...
... Advanced Combustion and Emissions Control Pete Moilanen, Ford Ken howden, DOE Electrochemical Energy Storage Kent Snyder, Ford Dae howell, DOE Vehicle Systems Analysis Larry Laws, General Motors (GM) Steen boyd, DOE Electrical Systems and Electronics John Czubay, GM Susan Rogers, DOE Grid Interaction Technical Team Keith hardy and Russ Conklin, DOE Materials Jim Quinn, GM Joe Carpenter, DOE Fuel Cells Craig Gittleman, GM Kathi Epping Martin, DOE Onboard Hydrogen Storage Andrea Sudik, Ford Farshad baarian, Cheron Ned Stetson, DOE Codes and Standards Mike veenstra, Ford Antonio Ruiz, DOE Hydrogen Production Nikunj Gupta, Shell Roxanne Garland, DOE
From page 203...
... ocToBer 26, 2009 FY 2010 Budget Sunita Satyapal, DOE Status and Outlook for Biofuels and Hydrogen from Biomass Neil Rossmeissl, DOE Status and Outlook for Hydrogen from Coal Mark Ackiewicz, DOE Status and Outlook for Carbon Capture and Storage Lowell Miller, DOE Hydrogen Storage Centers of Excellence Ned Stetson, DOE DOE'S Use of System Analysis Fred Joseck, Lee Slezak, Pat Dais, and Sunita Satyapal, DOE Status of 3M's Fuel Cell Efforts M Debe, M Company DTI Fuel Cell Cost Analysis b.
From page 204...
... Department of Energy Activities Daid howell, vehicle Technologies Program, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DOE The MA3T Model: Market Acceptance of Advanced Automotive Technologies Daid Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Zhenhong Lin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory commiTTee sUBGroUP meeTiNG aT GeNeral moTors hoNeoYe Falls, NeW YorK, sePTemBer 10, 2009 Discussions of General Motors' efforts on fuel cell vehicles.

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