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Appendix F: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 205-208

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From page 205...
... BEV battery electric vehicle BGY billion gallons per year BoP balance of plant C&S codes and standards CAFE corporate average fuel economy CCS carbon capture and storage CEM compressor expander motor CFD computational fluid dynamics CLEERS Crosscut Lean Exhaust Emission Reduction Simulation CNG compressed natural gas CO carbon monoxide CO2 carbon dioxide COE center of excellence CRADA collaborative research and development agreement dc direct current 0
From page 206...
... FFV flexible fuel vehicle FMEA failure modes and effects analysis FPITT fuel pathway integration technical team FTA Federal Transit Administration FY fiscal year GaN gallium nitride gge gallon gasoline equivalent GHG greenhouse gas GREET Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (model) H, H2 hydrogen H2A Hydrogen Technology (model)
From page 207...
... Nuclear Energy (DOE) NEMS National Energy Modeling System NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory NFPA National Fire Protection Association NGNP Next Generation Nuclear Powerplant NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NiMH nickel metal hydride NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology NOx nitrogen oxides NPC National Petroleum Council NPV net present value
From page 208...
... Science (DOE) SCR selective catalytic reduction SiC silicon carbide SNL Sandia National Laboratories SOC state of charge SOI silicon on insulator SRNL Savannah River National Laboratory STTR small business technology transfer SUV sport utility vehicle 21CTP 21st Century Truck Partnership UPS uninterruptible power supply USABC United States Advanced Battery Consortium USCAR U.S.

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