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1 Rationale and Basic Issues
Pages 3-7

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... The Committee for the Decadal Survey on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space believes that any compelling future for NASA in space exploration will flow in large part from advances made in a strong life and physical sciences program. The research opportunities and imperatives that will be identified in the final decadal survey can be achieved most rapidly and efficiently by establishing a multidisciplinary and integrated research program within NASA itself.
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... has the appropriate processes and mechanisms in place to expedite the translation of basic research findings into practical applications and products, as appropriate. Ultimately, in the committee's view, successful research programs are directed by a leader of significant gravitas who is in a position of authority within the agency and has the communication skills to ensure that the entire agency understands and concurs with the key objective to support and conduct high-fidelity, high-quality, high-value research.
From page 5...
... as pioneered by the National Institutes of Health is defined as "the process of applying ideas, insights, and discoveries generated through basic scientific inquiry to the treatment or prevention of human disease."3 The Department of Energy has hailed translational research as a core focus of its new ARPA-E program4 (ARPA-E will fund energy technology projects that translate scientific discoveries and cutting-edge inventions into technological innovations, and it will also accelerate technological advances in high-risk areas that industry is not likely to pursue independently)
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... In terms of research infrastructure for a life and physical sciences program, the ISS, while unique, is not the sole operational site. Many platforms, including terrestrial, will continue to be important for executing a coherent, integrated, multidisciplinary program -- and the utility of these research platforms will be explicated in the final report of the decadal survey.
From page 7...
... In this context, this interim report (1) discusses programmatic issues that are viewed as fundamental for a life and physical sciences research program and (2)

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