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From page 245...
... The SFPs were charged to identify and articulate the scientific themes that will define the frontier in astronomy and astrophysics research in the 2010-2020 decade. Each panel was asked to prepare a report that would identify the scientific drivers of the field and the most promising opportunities for progress in research in the next decade, taking into consideration those areas where the technical means and the theoretical foundations are in place for major steps forward.
From page 246...
... . The GCT scope encompassed galaxies across cosmic time, including the formation, evolution, and global prop erties of galaxies and galaxy clusters, as well as active galactic nuclei and quasi stellar objects, mergers, star-formation rate, gas accretion, and supermassive black holes.
From page 247...
... PSF 4 Do habitable worlds exist around other stars, and can we identify the telltale signs of life on an exoplanet? Stars and Stellar SSe 1 How do rotation and magnetic fields affect stars?

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