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From page 265...
... E Statement of Task and Scope STATEMENT OF TASK • The Committee on Astro2010 will survey the field of space- and groundbased astronomy and astrophysics, recommending priorities for the most important scientific and technical activities of the decade 2010-2020. • The principal goals of the study will be to carry out an assessment of activities in astronomy and astrophysics, including both new and previously identified concepts, and to prepare a concise report that will be addressed to the agencies supporting the field, the congressional committees with jurisdiction over those agencies, the scientific community, and the public.
From page 266...
... The study will review the federal research programs that support work in the field, including the astrophysics program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) , the astronomy program at the National Science Foundation (NSF)
From page 267...
... aPPendIx e  unrealized projects, and it will not be assumed that they will go forward. Projects that are sufficiently developed in terms of engineering design and technology development to have been given a formal start by the sponsoring agency would not, in general, be subject to reprioritization.

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