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1 Introduction
Pages 15-18

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... Recognizing this, FDA of the Department of Health and Human Services and USDA have begun work on developing a voluntary FOP nutrition label that is "driven by sound nutrition criteria, consumer research, and design expertise."3 Their stated goal for an FOP system is "to increase the proportion of consumers who readily notice, understand, and use the available information to make more nutritious choices for themselves and their families, and thereby prevent or reduce obesity and other dietrelated chronic disease." 1 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Sec.
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... An ad hoc committee was convened to review systems being used by manufacturers, supermarkets, health organizations, and governments in the United States and abroad and the overall merits of front-label nutrition icons, the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches, and the potential benefits of a single, standardized front label food guidance system regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The charge to the committee was directed to FOP nutrition rating systems and symbols on labels of FDA-regulated food products.
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... This perspective is reinforced by the historical focus of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans on recommendations for a general population 2 years and over and the Nutrition Facts panel oriented to nutritional needs for the general population 4 years and above. The committee will explore consumer behavior issues related to children in the second phase (see Chapter 7 for a description of Phase II activities)
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... Phase II and its report will consider the consumer aspects of developing FOP nutrition rating systems and symbols. In evaluating the nutrition science of FOP systems and symbols, the committee adopted definitions of common terms along with four guiding principles to set the stage for the nutritional assessment of FOP systems and symbols.

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