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From page 43...
... 9:00 Photogrammetry: "Spatial Information Extraction from Clive Fraser, U Melbourne Imagery: Recent Trends in Geomatics" Remote sensing: "Advanced Sensors and Information Melba Crawford, Purdue Extraction: Synergies for Optical Sensing" Keith Clarke 10:00 Instructions to the working groups and break Other ideas not raised in the presentations Key challenges and opportunities for NGA in each core area 43
From page 44...
... and Alan Murray (vice chair) 4:00 Working groups prepare reports
From page 45...
... 10:30 Working groups on forecasting, participatory sensing, and visual analytics Working group 1, Room 109 Carolyn Merry (chair) and Michael Zyda (vice chair)
From page 46...
... Working groups on beyond fusion and human terrain Working group 1, Room 109 Carolyn Merry (chair) and Huan Liu (vice chair)
From page 47...
... Working group 2, Room 202 Luc Anselin (chair) and Ayman Habib (vice chair)

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