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Appendix B: Working Document: Topical Panel Breakouts
Pages 86-89

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From page 86...
... : Working title for the proposed indicator The relevant environmental system The measurements required to construct the indicator Application to monitoring changes in the environmental system Why is the indicator a good indicator of sustainability? Priority locations for component measurements The second row of the table provides key questions that the Panels should consider in completing the supporting information for a given indicator.
From page 87...
... Source: ongoing discussions with President of the NAS Climate Change Indicator: Earth processes related to regimes requiring long-term monitoring to assess trends that are related to changes in the normal distribution of climate patterns. Source: Scitor report Environmental Indicator: A parameter, or a value derived from parameters, which points to, provides information about, describes the state of a phenomenon/environment/area, with a significance extending beyond that directly associated from a parameter value.
From page 88...
... Source: Scitor report Observation: The physical properties detected by an instrument that are used to calculate point-in-time estimates of a given measurement via physical, empirical or stochastic models. Source: Scitor report.
From page 89...
... synopsis of your panel's thoughts, including why the proposed list of indicators is sufficient for assessing and monitoring environmental sustainability in your topical area. The synopsis should speak to how the proposed indicators represent a step beyond previous efforts to develop indicators that are limited to monitoring climate change and explain how the indicators facilitate monitoring the sustainability of environmental systems.

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