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Appendix C: Committee and Staff Biosketches
Pages 90-95

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From page 90...
... Applications developed by Dr. Bindschadler include those for measuring ice velocity and elevation using both visible and radar imagery, monitoring melt of and snowfall on ice sheets by microwave emissions, and detecting changes in ice-sheet volume by repeat space-borne radar altimetry.
From page 91...
... Professor Dozier has chaired or served on numerous NRC committees concerned with data for science, and he is currently a member of the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources. He is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an honorary professor of the Academia Sinica, a recipient of both the NASA/Department of Interior William T
From page 92...
... and antecedent agencies for 33 years. After 6 years of research with NOAA he moved into a series of management positions of increasing scope and responsibility including chief of the Wave Propagation Laboratory Atmospheric Studies Branch, director of NOAA's Environmental Sciences Group (now the Forecast Systems Lab)
From page 93...
... His research focuses on cyberinfrastructure and geophysical applications; geophysical studies of ocean seismo-acoustics including rough seafloor scattering, acoustic-elastic interactions, and the use of small arrays; structure of the elastic earth using seismology, synthetic seismograms, and geophysical inverse theory; internal structure of ocean spreading centers; genesis of the oceanic lithosphere; and nuclear test-ban verification methods.
From page 94...
... Several projects focus on quantitative measurements of ecosystem carbon fluxes, for timescales spanning from instantaneous to decadal and spatial scales from meters to thousands of kilometers, combining physical, chemical, and biological methods. His awards include American Geophysical Union's McIlwane prize and NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal.
From page 95...
... He has contributed administrative and research support to several National Research Council studies and is currently engaged in the America's Climate Choices suite of activities.

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