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Appendix A: Briefers to the Committee
Pages 141-142

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From page 141...
... Kadish, Booz Allen Hamilton James Larus, Microsoft Research Robert Nesbit, MITRE Center for Integrated Intelligence Systems Linda Northrop, Software Engineering Institute Tom Rodgers, Lockheed Martin Walker Royce, IBM Andre van Tilborg, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology/Information Systems JANUARY 17, 2007, WORkSHOP ON UNCERTAINTY AT SCALE Cynthia Andres, Three Rivers Institute Kristen J Baldwin, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Kent Beck, Three Rivers Institute Kris Britton, National Security Agency, Center for Assured Software Mary Ann Davidson, Oracle Corporation Joe Jarzombek, Department of Homeland Security Patrick Lardieri, Lockheed Martin Gary McGraw, Cigital, Inc.
From page 142...
... 4 CRITICAL CODE: SOFTWARE PRODUCIBILITY FOR DEFENSE John Vu, Boeing Werner Vogels, APRIL 24, 2007, THIRD COMMITTEE MEETING Thomas Blann, Office of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2008, FOURTH COMMITTEE MEETING Kristen Baldwin, Acting Director, Systems and Software Engineering, ODUSD(A&T) Dan Reed, Director of Scalable and Multicore Computing Strategy, Microsoft

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