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Appendix B: Biosketches of Members of the Committee
Pages 143-148

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From page 143...
... He has led or participated in national studies related to cybersecurity, crisis response, analyst information management, Department of Defense software management, and health care informatics infrastructure. He has been an advisor to major information technology (IT)
From page 144...
... She is an ACM Fellow and a board member of CRA-W. She is a former IEEE Distinguished Visitor, ACM National Lecturer, IEEE Publication Board member, associate editor of ACM TOPLAS and IEEE TSE, member of the CCR NSF advisory board, ACM SIGSOFT secretary/treasurer, vice-chair and chair, vice-chair of CRA, and co-chair of CRA-W, as well as a 1990 recipient of the University of Massachusetts Chancellor's Medal and a 1993 recipient of a University Faculty Fellowship.
From page 145...
... She represents Oracle on the board of directors of the Information Technology Information Security Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) , and the editorial advisory board of SC Magazine.
From page 146...
... He led the Defensive Information Warfare Panel for the AFSAB "New World Vistas." He has served on numerous AFSAB, DSB, and NRC studies dealing with the use of information technol ogy, including the National Research Council study Engineering Challenges to the Long-Term Operation of the International Space Station. Russell Frew is the vice president, CTO in the $17 billion Lockheed Martin, Electronic Systems Business Unit (ES)
From page 147...
... Royce spent 16 years in software project development, software technology development, and software management roles at TRW Electronics & Defense. He was a recipient of TRW's Chairman's Award for Innovation for his contributions in distributed architecture middleware and iterative software processes in 1990 and was named a TRW Technical Fellow in 1992.
From page 148...
... During this time, he was a Fulbright Fellow and Aerospace Corporation Fellow at the Technische Hogeschool, Einhoven, the Neth erlands, concentrating on coding theory and data compression. He has served on numerous scientific boards and advisory committees, including as chair of the Science and Technology Advisory Panel to the Director of Central Intelligence and as a member of the Science Advisory Group to the Directors of Naval Intelligence and the Defense Communications Agency.

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