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Appendix C: Reprint of Gordon E. Moore's "Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits"
Pages 169-173

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From page 169...
... with permission from Intel Corporation.
From page 170...
... resistors by applying such lms directly to an active semi Integrated circuits will lead to such wonders as home conductor substrate. Those advocating a technology based computers -- or at least terminals connected to a central upon lms are developing sophisticated techniques for the computer -- automatic controls for automobiles, and per- attachment of active semiconductor devices to the passive sonal portable communications equipment.
From page 171...
... Semiconductor devices are the only reasonable candidates presently in existence for the active elements of integrated circuits. Passive semiconductor elements look attractive too, because of their potential for low cost and high reliability, but they can be used only if precision is not a prime requisite.
From page 172...
... To do so, just how extensive the invasion of the microwave area by we could amortize the engineering over several identical integrated electronics will be. The successful realization of items, or evolve exible techniques for the engineering of such items as phased-array antennas, for example, using a large functions so that no disproportionate expense need multiplicity of integrated microwave power sources, could be borne by a particular array.

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