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2 Newborn Screening as a Public Health Program
Pages 5-8

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From page 5...
... . • Secondary uses of residual dried blood spots should not be allowed to interfere with the public health mission of newborn screening programs.
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... In addition, residual dried blood spots also have many potential uses in public health and biomedical research. (These uses are discussed in Chapter 3.)
From page 7...
... This represents, Fleischman said, "a public health success story of this decade." Newborn screening is based on certain fundamental principles, Fleischman explained. Screening should be directed at serious diseases or disorders that significantly impair health.
From page 8...
... This is part of the public health program and should be seen as an essential component of the mandatory screening process, according to Fleischman. Third, parents are increasingly requesting additional testing, particularly in the case of sudden or unexpected death.

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